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Smart Factory

Smart Factory

Smart Factory

Machine networks, communication mechanisms and empowered computing. These are the fundamental elements that describe the factory of the future, the smart factory, the very core of Industry 4.0.

To keep up with the evolving industrial needs, new technologies are installed emphasising efficiency, productivity, sustainability, safety, product quality and customer experience. From blockchain and RFID sensors to Big Data analytics, cloud connectivity and full process visibility, advanced technologies allow for a new era that any company wants and has to follow through.

How we help

Moving forward to complete digitization needs expert engineering to tackle the issues that occure moving from obsolete to advanced technologies and automation systems.

In KIREAS we provide a full set of services that enable transformation to the new industrial era. From smart sensors to full communication for systems and machines, we prepare you for tommorow.


Data acquisition: SCADAs and Historians now cooperate with IIoT gathering data from the entire system. With the help of Industrial AI, datasets are compiled related to metrics of your choice, to extract as much useful information as possible and use it effectively.


Data analysis: With the use of machine learning, advanced analytics and modern management solutions, all the data gathered don't go to waste any more. From preventive to predictive maintenance and from workflow optimizations to supply chain forecasting, data analytics serve an undisputed dominant role in the factories of the future.


Factory Automation: Or better "Intelligent" Factory Automation. After the data gathered are refined and all useful information is extracted, instructions are sent to automation systems within the plant floor or around the globe, monitoring and controlling the now optimized operations and offering an industrial experience never seen before.

Smart Factory
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